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      News List
      Weiqiao Textile Is Constructing A New Fully Automated and Smart Spinning and Weaving Production Line 2019-05-21
      Weiqiao Textile EmployeeRecognized as Top Ten Chief Mechanic inBinzhou City 2019-02-14
      Weiqiao Textile Passes Annual Audit of Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems 2019-02-14
      Weiqiao Textile Receives National Textile Industry Quality Award, Wei Jiakun Recognized with Outstanding Perso...... 2019-02-14
      Weiqiao Textile Recognized for its Scientific and Technical Achievement in the "Integration and Development of...... 2018-06-29
      “Weiqiao“ Brand is Valued at RMB 60.572 Billion! Ranked Among The Top 500 Chinese Brands for 15 Consecutive Ye...... 2018-06-29
      Weiqiao Textile’s Cotton Product Awarded “Manufacturing Industry Championship Product” by MIIT 2018-02-13
      The Binzhou Association for Quality Awards Four of the Company’s Employees for Excellence and Craftsmanship 2018-01-25
      Weiqiao Textile Earns ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certifica...... 2018-01-25
      Jiakun Wei General Manager of Weiqiao Textile delivered a special report at the 2017 China Cotton Textile Conf...... 2017-12-12
      New product| Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center DevelopsPlant-derivedAntibacterial Yarn and Fabric Products 2017-12-12
      Weiqiao Roving Lathe Operator Juan Liu Was Awarded "China’s Top Textile Artisan" 2017-11-26
      Representative of 19th CPC National Congress, Weiqiao’s Roving Machine Operator Qingqing Liu: Following the Cr...... 2017-11-26
      Weiqiao Textile Technology R&D Center Developed Double-core Spandex Yarn and Double-core Spandex Denim Fabric 2017-11-26
      Weiqiao Was Awarded the 2017 Most Influential Brand for Its Grey Cotton Yarn, Grey Cotton Fabric and Cotton De...... 2017-11-26
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